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The attack by hitmen dressed as mariachi may be a revenge between narcos

The authorities are investigating the incident that occurred in the Plaza de Garibaldi, in the Mexican capital, and believe that it was a confrontation between the rival cartels La Unión Tepito and the Anti-Unión.

On Friday night, in one of the most emblematic and visited squares in Mexico City, several hitmen drew their weapons and began shooting at point-blank range. Later, they got on three motorcycles and fled, according to the Attorney General's Office of the Capital (PGJCDMX).

Behind they left the ground full of blood, more than 60 shells and eleven people hit, five of whom died, including a foreigner.
This event returns to focus on the growing violence in the Mexican capital, something that the authorities have constantly tried to deny. However, according to the count carried out by the Criminal Stoplight, the number of homicides in the city has increased by 12% in the first half of this year, compared to the data for the same period of 2017.
Among those killed in the shooting, at least two had a criminal record and those hospitalized are "as detainees," according to the Mexican daily Excelsior, while the investigation is progressing.
Control of drug sales
One of the PGJCDMX lines of investigation indicates that the shooting was aimed at ending the life of Sergio Flores Concha, known as 'El Tortas', who is the leader of the Anti-Union Force cartel.

According to sources close to the investigation, cited by the newspaper El Universal, the hitmen opened fire in the well-known plaza, in a place located at the intersection of República de Honduras and Callejón de la Amargura, because they had received information that "in that At the moment 'El Tortas' was in that place ".
The authorities consider that what happened is the result of the rivalry for control of drugs in that area of the capital between the groups of La Unión Tepito, which is led by Roberto Moyado Esparza, and the Anti-Unión, at the head of which there is 'El Tortas', who got out of jail a few weeks ago.
The journalist Héctor de Mauleón explained in a column that the market in this square is controlled by Araceli Ramírez García, the widow of Víctor Jesús de Barajas, the "person in charge" of the sale of narcotics in Garibaldi and leader of the Anti-Union Force.
According to Mauleón, Araceli opened a business in the area from where they operated. The business was controlled 24 hours a day: from 7 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon, under the surveillance of Araceli; the other 12 hours, the "hottest", were supervised by 'Chucho', Barajas' right arm.

The journalist, citing a witness, affirms that when the bursts of bullets began he heard shouting: "For everything you owe, you son of a bitch!" Araceli was wounded in the abdomen, while 'Chucho' received an impact on her skull.

The ultimate objective of the attack would be none other than 'El Tortas', which nevertheless would have managed to escape.
Long rivalry
This would not be the first time that these two groups have faced each other to prevail in the capital. Thus, for example, on May 24 a body was found in the Tepito neighborhood. It appeared in a garbage container and with signs of torture. The dead man was identified as Gerardo N, 46, and presumably part of the Tepito Union.
The confrontation escalated on June 9 when 'El Pulga', number two of the same criminal gang, was assassinated. According to Excelsior, he had entered prison in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013. In addition, it is believed that he was the head of hitmen of 'El Betito', leader of the Union and who is identified as the murderer of Francisco Javier Hernández, 'Pancho Cayagua ', the founder of this criminal organization.

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